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Womens Xero Prio

Womens Xero Prio

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The Xero Ipari Prio is a performance barefoot shoe that is lightweight, minimalist and perfect for running, walking, hiking, slacklining, hitting the gym, or even camping.

The Ipari Prio is inspired by the huarache and designed around three pillars:


Wide toe box - allows your toes to spread and relax

Huarache strap - locks in your heel for extra support

Adjustable instep strap - locks in your instep while keeping your toes free to move

Reflective straps - placed across the heel and instep for visibility in low-light conditions.


Flexible design - lets your feet bend, move and flex the way feet are supposed to

Removeable 2mm insole - if you need a bit of extra protection

Dual chevron lugs - provides great traction: uphill, downhill, fast or slow

Vegan-friendly materials - there are no animal products in the Prio.


Zero drop sole - promotes proper posture, balance and agility

5.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole - co-developed with two former lead designers from Nike and Reebok, so you receive great protection while receiving ground feedback

Dual chevron lugs - provides great traction: uphill, downhill, fast or slow.

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