About Us

The Runners Shop on Central Coast and Randwick prides itself on providing professional expert advice on shoe selection. Our Staff are all runners who have been trained to check your gait and determine the correct fit and style of running shoes to suit you. Our team knowledge combines to offer you years of insight from the heart of the sport shoe industry. 

Our shops boast over 50 years of experience selling various sports shoes including running shoes, trail shoes, walking shoes and more. Shop owners are Margaret Beardslee (nee Ricardo), who owned and operated the original Talays Runners Shop in Randwick with Bob Talay, and Robert Beardslee who owned and operated the Gold Coast Runners Shop where he also sold various running shoes, joggers and trainers.

Our stock will suit all ages and from elite runners to jolly joggers and wobbly walkers! The shop is a runners candy store with all the essential (and non essential) items in stock.

In stock you will find a great range of products including:

  • Running Shoes
  • Racing Flats
  • Track and Field Shoes (Spikes)
  • Football Boots
  • Netball Shoes
  • Lawn Bowls Shoes
  • Running sox
  • Running Clothing and Gear
  • Hydration Accessories
  • Nutrition Products

We have a great selection of brands, offering you a large range of shoes and accessories for sports such as: Walking, Jogging, Running, Little A’s, Senior Athletics, Road Racing, Triathlon, Football, Lawn Bowls, Netball and court sports.

We are the only running specialty store on the Central Coast NSW. We offer solid ongoing sponsorship support to our local communities, including: Individual Athletes, Mingara Athletics Club, Central Coast Cross Country, and are a Major partner/sponsor of Bay to Bay Fun Run and Great North Walk 100's Trail Run.

At Randwick we are one of the few remaining Independent Running Shoe stores. We support many local running groups and Athletics Clubs. We are a sponsor of the Bondi Splash and Dash and Maroubra Fun Run.