Running Spikes, Track, Sprint & Distance


Track shoes for athletics are a specialised spiked running shoe that are used by athletes in track and field events as well as cross country events to help them achieve maximum grip, power transference and efficiency when they are engaged in their sport. Track spikes have very little to offer in the way of cushioning and feature a number of metal spike which pierce into the running surface so that the athletic shoes will not be able to slip on the rubber or muddy surface as the athlete drives the running spikes into the surface.

Sprint spikes tend to offer a much stiffer sole than those intended for distance races making them feel quite rigid. This also means the shoe will not flex under the intense stresses as you stride forward towards the tape on the track. Choosing an appropriate track and field spike for the distance you are racing or event you are in is important.

Because athletic footwear offer very little cushioning athletes new to the sport of track running should be cautious about engaging this type of footwear until they can use a flowing running form that minimizes impact and jarring associated with many runners who heel strike heavily. These running shoes tend to assist athletes in getting up onto the ball of their feet as there is very little if any heel available for use.

We stock a number of popular brands including Nike spikes and ASICS track shoes that are suitable for men and women. Shop online and find the footwear that will take you to your next win.