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Unisex Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set 22

Unisex Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set 22

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Streamlined design keeps your kit close with the Sensifit construction comfortable wrapping around your body without chafing or hindering movement. An intuitive Sensi load lifter also hugs your body in the perfect places, adding stability and making you free to fly. 

Designed for you to reach everything you need on the go, you'll never have to stop, start, stop and start again. Hydration is easily accessible at the front thanks to 2 included soft flasks in each side and an internal pocket, housing Trail & Hiking essentials such as warm accessories, a packable waterproof or energy boosting gels. Minimalist, the design also allows you to fully focus on your running without the unwanted distractions.

Features & Benefits:


The Sensifit construction is based on the concept of comfortably wrapping your body without hindrance or chafing. It hugs in the right places and keeps your gear tight and close, thanks to the Sensi load lifter.


The right fabric in the right places - it dries quickly and keeps your body breathing. All potential chafing zones have been revisited and made smooth.


The Advanced Skin 12 vest is a carrying solution - designed so you can reach everything you need whilst running, without stopping to think or search. Essential hydration is easily accessible at the front. Distribute the weight, choose your own perfect formula, the right place for each item. Stuff, stow, grab and keep moving.

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