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Unisex Archline Active Orthotic Insoles

Unisex Archline Active Orthotic Insoles

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    The ARCHLINE Active Orthotics are high quality biomechanical orthotics. 

    Each pair features a Special Carbon Fibre Shell for extra support and energy return.  They are ideal for Higher Intensity Activity and Performance.

    They are made with flexible lightweight materials and maps the entire soft tissue and muscle of your feet.

    The Archline signature orthotic footbed design accommodates and aligns the natural posture of the foot, relieving strain and over-extension of the plantar fascia muscle and providing optimal orthopedic comfort and support.

    Archline Orthotics are ideal for foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain. Even if you don’t have foot pain, the Archline Orthotics provide optimal comfort and support to any foot type – normal arches, flat feet, high arches, wide feet.

    Orthotics work to reduce pain and improve performance by controlling your gait and reducing overpronation. They can also take overall pressure off sore spots (e.g., the ball of the foot, the heels, corns in between bunions and toes) by enabling a more even weight distribution.


    • Easy-to-wear design, fits easily in shoes
    • Signature arch support structure
    • designed for Sport, Running and Exercise
    • fits well in most running shoes
    • top cover designed to wick away moisture and provide cooling for the feet
    • Improved performance and reduced fatigue
    • Ortholite layer for superior shock absorption
    • Silicone Gel Heel padding for heel shock cushioning
    • Forefoot EVA padding to absorb shock
    • Optimal balance and support
    • 70 degree shore hardness EVA (optimal density for performance)
    • Provides relief for common foot conditions & pain


    XS: Euro 35-37
    S: Euro 38-39
    M: Euro 40-42
    L: Euro 43-44
    XL: Euro 45-46

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