Ultraspire 2L Bladder with infusion Valve

Ultraspire 2L Bladder with infusion Valve

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UltrAspire 2 Litre

The new 2L Reservoir offers smart hydration that includes a high flow valve and a bomb proof fluid delivery system when you need it most. Our Infusion (Patent pending) valve, delivers the ultimate in fluid delivery. Practically, an automatic watering system. No need for an on/off switch in addition to a bite valve like all other systems on the market. Simple in, simple out, doesn't get caught on things. Just be careful: you'll run out of fluids faster because you’ll be able to get to it with less effort than ever before.


Expend your valuable energy on forward motion, while UltrAspire provides virtually effortless hydration. An UltrAspire Red tube with Infusion Valve (and quick release) system has the flow rate capacity to expel the entire contents of a reservoir in 27seconds*, flat.

*Compared to others tested which expelled fluid content in 57 seconds.


  • Made from Polyurethane for superior strength and flexibility.
  • BPA free, Phthalate free, and PVC free
  • Reservoir comes in 2 liter .
  • Slide Seal opens wide for refilling, and seals tight.
  • Includes push/pull Infusion Valve.
  • Turns inside out for easy cleaning.
  • Simple Plug-N-Play tube attachment.
  • 5/16th diameter tubing for high flow.
  • Tubing comes standard in UltraRed.
  • Weight: 120 g