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Ultraspire Alpha V3 Vest

Ultraspire Alpha V3 Vest

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Size Guide

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The Alpha hugs your body and holds your long run essentials, kind of like the ultimate support crew. Up front, the minimalist but effective elastic closure keeps the vest stable against your torso, so it won’t bounce on downhills or fast flat stretches. There are lots of quick access pockets for your water, fuel, headlamp and jacket, plus a sweat-proof pocket so your electrolyte tabs don’t crumble.

While the Alpha V3.0 includes x2 550ml UltraFlask Bottles the pack includes a secure internal bladder sleeve that rides low and unnoticed in the small of your back, and is easy to open for smooth, fast refills at aid stations if your preference is a hydration bladder.

SMALL : 66cm - 89cm

LARGE : 96cm - 114cm

How to Fit 

While standing with your arms relaxed at your side, wrap a flexible tape or length of string around your chest at its widest point. The tape should go through your armpits and stay parallel with the floor while taking the measurement.

Ultraspire chest measurement guide

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