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Trail Gaiters

Trail Gaiters

Trail Gaiters

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Trail Gaiters are the perfect solution for keeping out all those annoying rocks, pebbles, twigs etc from getting into your shoes when out on your adventures.

Trail Gaiters are a fun, stylish and groovy lightweight stretch lycra gaiter that covers the top of your shoes when out trail running, walking or any outdoor adventure. They won’t weigh you down or restrict movement but will definitely keep out all those annoying rocks, stones, pebbles, twigs and seeds so you can get on with your adventure.

Trail Gaiters design is very unique as they can be worn with either a traditional sport shoe or five finger shoes by simply changing the hook to an elastic which then loops over the toe. They are secured at the back of the shoe with a piece of self-adhesive velcro and at the front with a hook that hooks over the shoe lace.

Don’t be boring!

Trail Gaiters are available in a range of bright funky colours and designs so you can make a statement on the trails. Australian made.

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