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Shoe Doctor

Shoe Doctor Xtra-Dry Bamboo Insoles - Unisex

Shoe Doctor Xtra-Dry Bamboo Insoles - Unisex

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Shoe Doctor® Xtra-Dry Comfort Insoles are a bamboo layered, odour destroying insole designed to keep feet dry and cushioned - even when not wearing socks.

Bamboo insoles greatly reduce unpleasant odours and are silky soft, breathable and highly absorbent. Ideal if you tend to suffer from sweaty feet! Bamboo has antibacterial properties and absorbs up to 3 times more moisture than cotton. This greatly reduces unpleasant odours and leaves your feet feeling fresh all day long.

  • An Antibacterial Bamboo Material
  • Ventilated with Perforated Holes
  • Trimmable for a perfect fit
  • Suitable for all footwear
  • Great with no socks
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