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Shoe Doctor

Shoe Doctor Insta-Orthotics (Trimmable) - Unisex

Shoe Doctor Insta-Orthotics (Trimmable) - Unisex

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Shoe Doctor® Insta-Orthotics® alter the way your foot strikes the ground to improve biomechanical function. This provides relief, support and comfort to enable you to keep moving longer without pain or discomfort.

Insta-Orthotics® arch support works to align the natural structure of the foot. As you walk, run or move, they help to redirect and imbalance in your bodily motion - allowing your feet and body to work in the most efficient way.

Available in Mens & Womens

  • Improve Airflow for Cool Feet
  • Provide relief for your feet, legs and back
  • Offer additional cushioning and comfort
  • Trim for a perfect fit
  • Align your natural foot structure
  • Reduce imbalance in your bodily motion
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