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Balega Performance Blister Resist Quarter Sock Mohair

Balega Performance Blister Resist Quarter Sock Mohair

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This will be your favourite sock!  The ultimate anti-blister, moisture-wicking performance running sock that ensures dry feet.

Made with Mohair which is know for fight against friction blisters and is great on soft skin. 

Also boasts incredible tensile strength, with our signature Drynamix® moisture wicking fiber providing a super-soft touch to the skin.

Thermal regulation allowing fee to keep cool and dry with ideal combination of mohair and Drynamix ® moisture wicking fibers, and, reinforced microfiber mesh ventilation panels.  Thus keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Seamless toe, enhanced and wide arch support band.

Offers an no-slip security via enhanced elastic grip construction.

The extra-deep heel pocket gives you a great comfortable fit.

Mohair fibers are much more resistant to shrinking than wool. they can stretch around 30% and bounce back into shap due to their natural elasticity.

Sizing Chart 

European Men & Women

U.S. Men

U.S. Women

Balega Running Sock Size

36 - 39.5

4.5 - 6.5

6 - 8


40 - 42.5

7 - 9

8.5 - 10.5


43 - 45.5

9.5 - 11.5

11 - 13


46 - 48.5

12 - 14

13.5 - 15.5

Extra Large

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