Finding Running Trails Near Me

Finding Running Trails Near Me

Finding your local running trails can be a fun and exciting experience, it will develop your local knowledge and interest in the local history.

Even if you’re part of a local running group it is likely that you don’t know about all the trail runs in your local area because often they are entirely unmarked.

Fortunately there are some great tools available to help you see where other people have gone walking or running.

Strava provides a heatmap capability that can show where people have recorded runs or bike rides.

You can use this tool to discover where people run a lot and lesser known trails in your area or even if you are looking for running trails when you’re away from home.

To use the heatmap to find local running trails just click the link above and then type the area you want to run in in the search box in the top right corner.

Select the location from the drop down when your local area appears.

Now the map will move to your chosen location.

To make the map only show running activities click the running shoe icon under “Activity Type” in the panel on the left.

The heatmap will now change to show you where all the running activities have been done in your local area

Now all you have to do is find some interesting running trails near you to go for a run on.

Once you’ve decided where you’re going to go grab your trail runners and head off on your next adventure. 

One word of caution though some of the tracks you find may be on private property or may not be safe.

Going off marked trails / roads is not recommended.

We can’t take responsibility for where you might end up, taking a buddy and/or letting someone know where you’re going is a good idea.

We’d hate for you to get lost out there so be careful and have fun adventuring!

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