Trail Running Shoes

When you're hitting the trails you need a great pair of trail running shoes to keep your feet happy for the distance. We have a great selection of the best trail running shoes from Nike, Brooks, Asics, Inov8 and more. The best trail shoes are designed to protect you from rocks, provide extra grip through specialised outsole materials and provide plenty of cushioning so you can last the distance. Trail running trainers vary in structure, weight and terrain handling so there is always the perfect shoe for your specific need.

----- Specialised Trail Running Shoes for Trail Runners

Getting a fast trail shoe to use off the beaten track requires performance footwear that provides loads of grip to handle mud, loose rocks and tricky tree roots and has plenty of cushioning to handle steep descents and hard rocky surfaces. Our range of off road running shoes provides loads of options that are specific to trail runners needs and provide just the grip and cushioning you so desperately desire. While road running shoes may provide cushioning they often don't have the grip on mud or protection from loose rocks that a specialised trail running shoe can provide.

Even when your taking it easy on the trails the best trail shoes will help you to achieve a better pace over technical terrain over other footwear which won't provide what you need while off road. We stock various brands of all terrain running shoes including Altra, Salomon, Brooks, Asics and Hoka One One to name a few popular shoe brands offering some of the best. We stock a great range of sizes and widths so you'll be able to get the right footwear that feel great underfoot and have ample forefoot cushioning. We also stock plenty of trail running gear that will help keep you hydrated and fueled out in the bush on a long run or ultra-marathon. This type of shoe can also be useful during tough mudder events and spartan races when grip over challenging terrain is paramount. 

If you're looking for running events and races then using Running Calendar to find trail runs is a great way to find new places to go trail running.

We also stock a range of Inov8 footwear that includes some minimalist shoes that can be used on a trail run . Getting the ultimate pair of off road Nike's means getting the Nike Wildhorse or Terra Kiger which are both strong performers. For those after waterproof shoes for hiking rugged trails the Hoka Tor Summit is the perfect choice. These may not be fast running shoes but they are a low profile waterproof trail shoe. When navigating technical trails you must always consider the trail conditions and wear the footwear to suit.