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PREPD Recover Drink Single

PREPD Recover Drink Single

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recover drinks pack. Choose from strawberry + kiwi or mango + passionfruit flavours.

PREPD Recover drinks are perfect to keep in the fridge and drink post training iced cold. Just shake well.

Game changing post-workout hydration drink that provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours after exercise.

Consumed immediately after exercise it will help your body recover faster so that you can go again at your best.


After exercise your body continues to lose fluid and needs the proper re-hydration in order to support muscle & tissue repair, support metabolic function, nutrient transfer in the body and recover.

Optimal re-hydration is one of the most vital elements for recovery and PREPD hydration will give you the boost you need to recover quicker.

PREPD Recover drink uses a patented unique resistant starch formulation that allows your body to absorb more fluid after your workout to rehydrate you better plus has an optimal amount of electrolytes to support what you lost during your training. Also low sugar, gluten free, prebiotic.

How to Use

  1. Keep ready to drink bottles in the fridge.
  2. Shake well before consuming
  3. Consume immediately after exercise
  4. Expect a smoothie like texture with delicious taste.
  5. Hydrate with water post exercise and eat nutritious food like you would normally do post training. Make sure you do your stretches and allow your body to rest.
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