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PREPD Prime Drink Single

PREPD Prime Drink Single

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Choose from strawberry + kiwi or mango + passionfruit flavours.

PREPD Prime drinks are perfect to keep in the fridge and drink pre training iced cold. Just shake well.

Unparalleled pre-workout hydration drink that prepares the body to use its full ability to absorb fluids and stay hydrated. Consumed 6-12 hours before exercise it will transform the way you train and compete at your peak better/faster/stronger/longer. Supercharging the hydration benefits of any sports drinks or water alone.


Dehydration can lead to decrease in athletic performance, cramps, nausea, heat exhaustion and muscle fatigue amongst others. Even a small amount of fluid loss through sweat when exercising can lead to a decrease in performance, reaction time and concentration.

With PREPD PRIME you are giving your body the best chance to start your exercise better hydrated and optimises your hydration during exercise.

PREPD Prime uses a patent pending unique resistant starch formulation that prepares your body (specifically your gut) to be able to use its full hydration potential and boost the absorption of sports drinks or water.

Fully unleashing your potential to give your best when exercising, training or competing.

*Boost hydration *Improve performance * Improve concentration * Improve muscle function * Prebiotic: feeds good bacteria to the gut *Low sugar * HASTA certified *Gluten free * Delicious flavours

How to Use

  1. Keep ready to drink bottles in the fridge.
  2. Shake well before drinking
  3. Consume 6-12 hours before exercise (i.e. the evening before a morning session or in the morning for an evening session).
  4. Expect a smoothie like thick texture with delicious taste.
  5. Hydrate during exercise with your choice of sports drink or water like you normally do.
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