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This is an excellent question and the short answer you’ll be happy to hear is YES! Trail running is used by many road running enthusiasts both amateur and professional for their long run as it is easier on the body. Because trails are generally softer terrain than concrete or bitumen there are less impact forces exerted on your body. This means that you can run longer on this kind of terrain and not have to absorb quite as much impact forces over all. Trail running also promotes the development of many of the finer control muscles to develop balance and...

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Athletics, Spikes -

When you purchase a new pair of spikes for sprints, middle distance, distance or jumping the shoes come with some spikes that are reasonable all rounders. Many of the spikes currently available from Nike, Asics and Saucony are compatible with replacement spikes so you can customise the shoes to your needs. Specialised replacement spikes are available for various applications on the track, field or cross country. Ensuring you have the best replacement spikes for the race is important for ensuring you run the best time in the spikes you have chosen. Below we have detailed each of the available replacement spike...

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