How to Start Running

How to Start Running

Going for your first run? Or got back and thought that was harder than you expected?

As sports go, running is probably one of the lowest barrier to entry sports around.

You don't need anymore equipment than some exercise gear and some sports shoes.

Running is a whole body exercise which means that making a start can be particularly difficult if you're not very fit.

The best way to get started running is to start with a short run (15 - 20 mins) and break than down into 1 minute running and then 1 minute walking.

Once you feel you'd like you could handle more start doing 1 minutes running and 30 seconds walking.

From here you can start making the running periods longer until you can cut out the walking altogether.

Once you can run for 20 minutes solid you should reward yourself with some of the best running shoes.

Once that's done you can make your runs longer or shorter depending on where you're running and how much time you have.

Keep in mind that the idea isn't to run as fast as you can when you first start out.

You should be jogging at a pace that you can maintain for the interval.

Once you can run a few times a week you can add some interval workouts or long runs in adventurous places.

I always love putting on my Nike runners and getting out in the bush for a long run.

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