Running Shoes

No matter what type of running shoes you need we have you covered. We stock a large variety of speciality running shoes that are purpose built for the type of runner you are as well as the terrain you'll be covering. No matter if you're an over pronator a heavy heel striker or a neutral mid foot striker we have the best running shoes for you. Shop for running shoes online and order over $100 and get free shipping! 



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Running shoe technologies have progressed a lot over the years, with vastly different materials and designs in use today than were in use twenty years ago. With such massive changes and broadening choice it is often hard to understand just what is the best running shoe for me to use. Because different sports require different movement patterns the running shoes that are most suitable for one sport may not be the most logical choice for another.

With brands like Nike running shoes regularly developing new technologies and disrupting the market it is increasingly difficult identify what will work for yourself.

Within running events alone there are specialised running shoes for dealing with off road terrain such as in trail running or cross country (each requiring different footwear). Additionally depending on how you run or walk (IE your gait) will affect what shoe technologies you will need (for instance you may need a stability running shoes with a medial post).

If you have any questions or need help selecting your running shoes you can contact us via phone, email or in store and we'd be happy to help.