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How To Run Faster

If you’ve just asked yourself “how do I run faster” for the first time then it’s likely that you’ve got the running bug.

Fortunately running faster is entirely possible and it will actually bring loads of meaning to the running you’re already doing.

Assuming that you already pull on your running shoes a few times a week and you’re looking to add more running training or just get the most out of the runs you are already doing, then this article is for you.

To run faster requires one or more of a few things:

  1. You improve your cardiovascular fitness
  2. You improve your running specific strength
  3. You improve your technique
  4. You improve your mental toughness

These are the four secrets to run faster than you ever thought you could.

So how do I improve those four attributes I hear you say.

Well the good news is that you can improve all four by doing what we already know you love doing. RUN.

So more specifically to improve your cardiovascular fitness requires doing plenty of easy running and some hard running (usually intervals or hill repeats).

You can even put on some walking shoes and add in some brisk walking to help with recovery if you still want more.

To be clear we wouldn’t expect you to be doing these hard runs anymore than once a week as once for this kind of effort is enough unless you’re a serious athlete.

Running specific strength training involves doing strength exercises that are tailored to building strength that can be used while running.

This usually involves a lot of core strength and glute strength exercises as these are the areas that runners are usually weak.

Improving your technique requires a running coach or at the very least a video of yourself running so you can see if you’re doing anything wrong.

While this aspect of running faster can lead to huge improvements in speed, it is also the most dangerous as it can easily lead to injury. Tread lightly (pun intended).

Mental toughness is one of the aspects of running fast that many people underestimate.

Often I hear people say “I can’t run any faster” or they have fast panicked breathing and can’t understand why they feel like they are not getting enough air.

The bad news is that if you really want to run fast, it isn’t going to be comfortable all the way.

There will be periods, perhaps even entire runs/races where you will feel that you can’t keep going or that you're out of air.

The reality is that you likely have plenty more if you can remain relaxed, breath deeply and focus on good technique.

Mental toughness is something that is practiced and you will learn over time, so be patient with yourself.

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