7 Tips for Making Your Long Run Your Favourite Run

7 Tips for Making Your Long Run Your Favourite Run

Your long run can either be your favourite run of the week or it can be the straw that broke the camel's back. With years of running experience we have compiled our tips for making sure it is the former and not the latter.

1. Use the bodyglide Luke, seriously this is my number one tip

I know this is not the most glamorous topic but chafing can turn a pleasant run into a rather painful experience. There are a few different products on the market for the purpose of stopping chafing and you should use the one you like and plenty of it.

2. Wear your favourite shoes

Running your long run in a brand new pair of shoes is probably not the best idea. Sometimes a pair of shoes takes a couple of runs for your body/feet to get used to and you don’t want to find this our halfway through your long run.

3. Use a hydration belt or pack and stay hydrated

When you’re out on your long run you need to stay hydrated to keep performing kilometer after kilometer. Using a belt or pack (for very long runs) when you’re out in the bush or roads where there is unlikely to be a water source available is imperative. While you can definitely run without water it will make it feel harder and less enjoyable.

4. Use Gels or Chews and keep your energy levels up

You’re bound to feel a bit low on energy when you run for a long time (70 mins or more) so having a Gel every 30 - 40 mins can help lift you a bit when you’re starting to feel a little sluggish. While you can run without any Energy Gels doing to will make the run feel less tough.

5. Run a Mate or Mates

Running with friends can be a lot of fun and is certain to help pass the time while you’re out running in the bush or on the road. If you can get a group together then the more the merrier I say.

6. Run a loop rather than out and back

Out and back courses can be a little boring but by making the run a loop or changing the way you come back you can make the run a bit more fun. You could even plan out a drawing using Google Maps to plot a course before you go.

7. Focus on keeping good running form when you’re tired

When you get tired you can get lazy with your form which can lead to niggles or injuries. Make sure you’re concentrating on where your feet are and what is ahead because a misstep is not the best way to end a run.

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