3 Secrets To Exercise And Loving It

3 Secrets To Exercise And Loving It

Sometimes it can be tough to find motivation to get out and exercise in the gym or in the great outdoors. During winter it is cold and miserable and it feels like we should just cuddle up warm at home. These 3 secrets will help you get motivated to get out and exercise and feel great no matter what the time of year.

1. Set Goals

    Everybody will have different goals because you will like different sports or types of exercise to me and anyone else you meet. You will also have a different level of fitness to me which will also influence your goals. Your goal should suit your needs and be attainable within a few months otherwise you will probably give up. The good news is when you achieve success you can set some more goals.

    Your goals can be as small as being able to walk a few kilometers every day right up to competing in particular races. Maybe the goals are being able to do a specific exercise or lift a particular weight in the gym. No matter what it is if you set a goal to do something you are far more likely to achieve it.

    2. Set Rewards

    Reaching your goals is often a reward in and of itself but rewarding yourself somewhat for achieving goals may be another way you can motivate yourself to be active. You can do something as simple as a fun day out with the family or seeing a movie. Whatever would make you happy and that you don’t normally treat yourself to.

    3. Do Something You Love

    Choosing a sport you like participating in can make a huge difference to your motivation to exercise. When the exercise is actually enjoyable there’s an incentive to actually get out of the house and have some fun. If you’ve never tried it then you’ll never know if you like it or not. I just love putting on my trail running shoes and hitting the trails for an hour or two on the weekends. When I started running I never would have known that it was a sport I’d fall in love with.

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