Olympic Memories 17/21 2004 Athens

Olympic Memories 17/21 2004 Athens

2004 Athens The Games returned to where they began and this time offered a few more than the original five events of discus toss, javelin throw, long jump, stadion (foot race), and wrestling. In 2004 there were 28 sports and plenty of Track and Field!

Australia Silver medalled at the Track
Where a new Orsome Foursome shone!
John Steffensen, Clinton Hill Patrick Dwyer and Mark Ormond, clocked 3:00.60 in the prestigious 4 x 400m Relay to take a Silver medal behind the USA. It was Australias first Track relay Olympic medal since the 1956 Melbourne Olympics where the girls had won Gold in the 4 x 100m and the Men Silver 4 x 400m.

2 Great Bronze mdeals to Walkers in the 20km
Nathan Deakes 1.20.02
Jane Saville 1.29.25

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