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3 Reasons to Join a Running Group

Running is a great way to get fit and burn calories while having fun and getting outdoors. Most running groups accept that not everyone can jog as far as others so they often have a walking group. Groups like Parkrun have many locations to go to so there is likely a local option for you to try out. There are also athletics clubs or social running clubs have been around for a long time.

1. Making Friends

When you’re training for a race or just going for a few runs a week having people to run with makes logging those kilometers just that much more fun. Running groups such as Parkrun, Cross Country or Athletics Club attract both serious competitors and those who are just there for the love of the sport. Either way everyone is there to have fun and meet like minded people in their community.

2. Running Clubs go Interesting Places

If you’re getting bored with those same two or three runs you always do, out and back or a loop of a few streets then joining a group is a great way to find some other places to go running. Often groups such as Cross Country Clubs run in areas that are not open to the public or are places that locals know about that might not be well marked on maps if at all. Finding these little known trails or pass-throughs between streets can be useful when you’re next in the area and need a shortcut or extra bit to add on to a run.

3. Becoming a Better Runner

Charlie racing on the track

In every group of runners there are those who have taken the sport to the next level, be it running further, ascending higher or going faster. Being part of a group is how we are inspired to be better, no matter your age or capability there is likely someone better than you or someone who has previously risen in the sport and knows what it takes to get there. Being part of a running club will give you the opportunity to learn from those who have done it before and reach for your own greatness with like minded people.

Running Groups on the Central Coast



Central Coast Cross Country

During winter season at locations across the coast (see website for more details)

Hash House Harriers

Saturday afternoon runs during winter and Monday evening runs during summer (see website for more details)

Mingara Athletics Club

Training: Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 6PM at Mingara Athletics Track

Run Jump Throw: During summer the club holds meets on Saturday mornings (see website for more details)

Parkrun: Mt Penang

Saturday Mornings at 8AM at Mt Penang Gardens

Parkrun: San Remo

Saturday Mornings at 8AM at Edgewater Park

Parkrun: The Entrance

Saturday Mornings at 7AM at Picnic Point Park, The Entrance

Terrigal Trotters

Every Saturday at the Terrigal Beach Surf Club at 6AM (see website for more details). There are also various other runs during the week that you can join in on.

If you are part of or know of any other groups who would like to be on this list of options for the Central Coast be sure to send them to us.

If you’re looking for clubs in NSW or more broadly Cool Running Australia has a list of running clubs available. Additionally you may be interested in your state’s athletics organisation such as NSW Athletics where you can find out about your local athletics club.
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Don’t forget to add San Remo Parkrun to your list of running groups!!!
Saturday Mornings at 8AM at Edgewater park Budgewoi.

Alethea Wallace

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