PTP Massage Myostick

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The PTP Myostick is a versatile massage stick that enables you to optimise the full width and length of your muscles. By easily controlling the amount of pressure applied with its ergonomic handles, the Myostick helps you identify your own muscle restrictions. Featuring an easy-glide system, the Myostick will prove useful in preventing cramping, breaking up soft tissue adhesions and releasing tension in those tired muscles almost anywhere in your body. When used before and after physical activity, the rolling action of the Myostick activates blood circulation and ultimately improves muscle recovery, flexibility, endurance and overall physical performance. 

- Easy-glide system for ease of use

- Custom-designed ergonomic handles for improved grip and comfort

- Made from durable materials and free from latex/rubber (safe for rubber allergy sufferers)

- Extremely compact and portable; fits easily into a gym duffle bag

MASSAGE Trigger point therapy for myosfascial release. Assists in muscle pain relief and relaxation.

REHAB Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.