Ferei HL40 V2 Li-ion Rechargeable

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Ferei HL40 II Headlamp 1000 Lumans

The Ferei HL40 II headlamp packs 1000 lumens of illumination into a tiny, lightweight package. Made in durable aluminium, the weatherproof head unit is thoroughly protected against the elements, and even the battery pack gets an alloy cable gland to keep the rain away from the precision electronics.

The HL40 is amazingly versatile with multiple illumination settings, including a user selectable mid-point, and flashing modes. It also features an adjustable focus, which allows the user to switch from an intense focused beam to wide diffused light, and everything in between. A single band mounted control button gives you access to all the different settings. Intelligent environmental monitoring constantly checks the heat sink temperature and battery voltage to maximise the lifespan of the battery and LED.

Features & Specifiction:

  1. Focusing LED headlamp
  2. Zoom-able head for spot and flood beam
  3. Cool or neutral white LED version available
  4. IPX4 Water resistant
  5. 1000 lumens for 4.3hours
  6. 8 Selectable brightness levels from 10% to 80%
  7. 4 selectable blinking modes: police blinking, slow blinking, quick blinking, and SOS.
  8. Smart IC motherboard provides multiple brightness settings , and prevents overheat, over discharge or damages caused by polar reversing.
  9. Battery level indicating at 50% and 20% capacity.
  10. Elastic bungee headband capable of length adjustment, providing best fit and comfort for user.
  11. Optional DiË user and USB cable charger available.
  12. Optional BP2836B, BP4836B and BP6836B for longest runtime each 8.6 hours, 17.2 hours and 25.8 hours on High

Brand: Ferei