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Endura Energy Gel Single

Endura Energy Gel Single

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Single Price: $3.00 each
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Endura is your no fuss, keep it simple, endurance fuel source.

Formulated in the right amount of carbohydrates, two types to be exact: immediate impact (energy for now) and slow release (energy reserve), alongside sodium electrolytes (sweat loss) the concentrated gel provides 84 Cal/351 Kj of energy - Nothing more, nothing less.

Endura Gels are lactose and gluten free, which is much easier on the stomach, and maximises absorption. The consistency is light and not as thick as other gels , some feel like glue. It is advised to remember to always drink water when taking these gels.

Endura have a great selection of naturally flavoured gels and each serve contains 8mg of caffeine as a little booster. Please note there are no non-caffeinated gels available in the Endura range.

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