Prodigal Store Returns to Founder

Interior of Randwick Runners Shop

The Runners Shop Randwick (formerly Talays) currently located at 201 Cloverlly Rd Clovelly was founded in 1978 by Bob Talay and Margaret Beardslee (nee Ricardo). and was sold in 87 to Fred Howe, Marg Howe and Kerry Anderson. In 1991 Kerry Anderson moved on to start The Coast Runners Shop which Margaret and Robert eventually took over in 2009. Meanwhile the Randwick store was bought by Joe & Angela Sutton in 2000 and they have now sold the business to Margaret and Robert bringing the store back into the family.

Bob had represented Australia in the World Cross Country Championships and also had won the NSW State Marathon title. Margaret was one of NSW’s leading cross-country runners. Fred had represented Great Britain and Victoria as a marathoner, whilst Andrew went on to become a three-times winner of the City to Surf and 5000m gold medallist in the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games.

Bob Talay, Fred Howe and Margaret Beardslee outside Talays