Throws Shoes, Track and Field Shoes

Each field event features a different set of movements and therefore lends itself to different styles of shoes. Discus, Shot Put and Hammer Throw (or Weight Throw) have a similar rotational technique that means that many throws shoes can be used across these throwing events. Throws Shoes for Discus, Shot Put and Hammer Throw usually feature a soft rubber sole that is perfect for the rotational movement required to maximise distance. Beginners should be aware that some throws shoes feature a raised toe which may help with the rotational movement but will take some getting used to.

Javelin Shoes

Javelin requires a specialised spiked shoe that usually has spikes in the forefoot and heel areas to maximise grip so that an athlete can be speedy and accurate. Javelin shoes also usually have higher heel cups to support the thrower when they stop to launch the Javelin.

Long Jump Shoes and High Jump Shoes

Long Jump shoes and High Jump Shoes are similar to javelin shoes except they don’t feature heel spikes but the spikes are further back than in running spikes to allow athletes to alter course at the last second or handle harsh impacts that occur when jumping.