Rubber Athletic Shoes and Waffles

If your child is competing in Little Athletics or School Athletics Competitions it is important that they have the best pair of shoes for comfort, cushioning and competitiveness. At ages 10 and under Little Athletics does not allow the use of spiked athletic shoes in any event on synthetic or grass surfaces. Children in these age groups may employ waffle shoes which have a specialised rubber sole to ensure maximum grip on grass and synthetic surfaces. These types of rubber athletics shoes are designed for racing and offer young athletes the most technical footwear they are permitted to use.

Once your child is in the under 11 competition they may wear athletic spikes for lane limited competitions on the track and for field events such as javelin, long jump, triple jump and high jump. Once they are in the under 13s competition they can use athletic spikes in distance events as well.

Wearing spikes for distance events may not be the best for young athletes as they offer very little if any cushioning and require the wearer run with good mechanics so as not to injure themselves using a heel toe landing pattern. These types of kids racing shoes are great for cross country where extra grip is needed but where athletic spikes are not practical because the footing on the course is not soft enough or because the athlete is not old enough for spikes.