Mens Racing Shoes

A lightweight pair of racing flats will help you achieve your best possible times over any distance. Our range of mens road racing shoes includes the very best Nike, Asics, Brooks, Hoka and more have to offer you in race shoe design. These running shoes are super lightweight but still offer enough cushioning to keep you comfortable and suitably protected from the surface you are racing on. These racers offer less protection than the standard mens road running shoes seen in that category but give you way more speed.

When you really need to move fast in an interval session, road race, tempo run, half marathon or other distance race getting into a pair of mens racing shoes will make all the difference. Running a fast race over any distance requires a lot from the athlete who needs to maximise stride length at an optimal stride rate to achieve the optimal efficiency. The last thing that you need is to find that your feet are hurting due to blisters or just from the pounding they are receiving. Road shoes for racing are designed with running fast on asphalt and concrete in mind which means that they are more likely to stop this from happening during your run.

Getting the perfect racing shoe for men means finding the right balance for you between cushioning and lightweight speed. This can be different between distances, for instance you can get away with less cushioning over a 5k race compared to 10k or a half or full marathon. Working out what works best for you will take a bit of experimentation but ultimately you will be rewarded with great performances because you will have the right amount of cushioning for your best times possible.