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7 Unlikely Benefits Of Running

When I first started running I wanted to shed 20kg and quit smoking. I didn't realise that there we so many other running benefits that I was going to experience.

Weight loss is definitely one of the benefits of running as well as overall fitness to name a few that immediately jump to mind.

Our list of 7 unlikely benefits of running is made up of the benefits you probably won't know about.

1. Makes You More Confident

If you've ever felt that you needed more confidence then running is the perfect way to achieve it.

You could spend time meditating to boost your confidence but you'd be missing out on the rest of the benefits of running.

2. Makes You Smarter

Running actually makes you smarter, more insightful and creative. Taking up running can actually make you better at work or school.

One study suggests that running increases the connectivity in the brain and improves an athletes ability to concentrate.

Another study indicated that running improves your ability to learn.

3. Makes You An Inspiration

After you take up running, you'll be so excited and feeling so great you'll want everyone to come for a run.

It's no joke, you'll start getting all your friends to come for a run. A regular run together is a great way to inspire your friends to be more healthy with you.

4. Makes You Feel Great

Contrary to popular belief running actually makes you feel super! Over all you'll have more energy to get everything else in your life done.

After you get over the effort of going for a run you'll find that your mood is better and you are relaxed when you get back from a run.

5. Helps You Sleep Better

If you ever find it hard to sleep, running is a great exercise to take up to help you sleep at night.

Running helps with a number of the reasons you might be having trouble sleeping.

It makes you physically tired, reduces anxiety and reduces stress all of which can help you sleep if you're having trouble.

6. Reduces Likelihood of Knee and Back Injuries

When you're not taking training too far, running reduces the likelihood that you'll injure your knees and back.

Using the joints and muscles is good for movement and injury prevention.

So many of us are stuck at desks all day now, so going for a run is actually a great way to counter the negative affects of sitting at a desk all day.

7. Makes Your Bones Stronger

Our bones become stronger as a result of being put under stresses during day to day life.

The higher the stresses they are exposed to the stronger they become. Running puts a lot of stress on our bodies and our bones get stronger as a result.

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